BedJet Review: Will Blow You Away (2019)

How many of us sleep with fans?

Aren’t they a life saver?

Gotta have it on full blast to make sure you’re nice and cool, right?

But what about those nights when you start sweating underneath the mattress?

What about your partner?  Do they like the bed warm while you like it cool?

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BedJet Review

V2 Model
  • Cools & Heats Your Bed
  • Dual Temperature Control
  • Mobile App With Custom Sleep Stages
  • Saves Money On Electric Bill
  • 500+ 4.5 Star Ratings On Amazon

We cover everything about this ‘under the cover fart blower’, but if you’d like to look at some more BedJet reviews you can find them here.

Did we just say that??

All joking aside this product is a highly rated product on Amazon with incredible customer service as well.

Skip down to our review summary at the bottom if you don’t have time to read the entire thing.

Putting It Together

The BedJet V2 comes with 4 main pieces..

  • The BedJet unit itself
  • The Hose
  • The Bracket
  • The Nozzle

Assembly is a breeze.  It doesn’t require any special tools.

  • Put the BedJet unit on the ground.
  • Connect the hose to the hole on the unit.
  • Place the bracket in between the mattress and the boxspring.
  • Then run the hose through the bracket.
  • Once the hose is in place – attach the nozzle to the very end.

You can place the unit on the side of the bed like this.

Or you can put it underneath the bed like this.

Quick Note

One of our main concerns with putting it underneath the bed was ‘will this thing suck in dust?”

There is a filter inside of the BedJet, and you can clean it by pushing the BedJet logo on top of the unit itself, releasing the grill, and then pulling out the filter.

You can run it under your sink and then dry it off and pop it back in to make sure you’re circulating clean air every night.

One other little feature that the mattress bracket has is clips on the side of it to hold the sheets in place over the nozzle itself.

Once you’re all setup it’s time to turn this thing on!

Using The BedJet / How Exactly Does It Work?

The BedJet works by pulling the air that is coolest in the room (the air closest to the floor as hot air rises).

It doesn’t have any cooling components and works by taking that cool air, and moving it up into your mattress.

The unit does however have heating components if you choose to use it for warming the bed.

Powering It On

Powering on the BedJet is really simple.

There’s 2 ways to power it on.

  • Through the included wireless remote
  • Through the bluetooth BedJet app found on the App store or the Google Play store.

Here is what the included remote looks like:

bedjet remote

Settings + App Details

You can manually turn it on when you feel like you need it, or you can adjust the settings so that it kicks on when you get in bed at night.

The app for the bedjet really adds a ton of value to the entire product itself.

The settings throughout the night are broken down into stages (or periods of time that you have the unit on heat or cool).

Here are some of the cool things you can do with your cool new sleep gadget..

  • The number of stages you have throughout the night
  • The amount of time in each stage
  • The temperate setting at each stage
  • The fan strength of each stage

So really you can customize this to your liking.

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air with...

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Check It Out

You could easily customize the BedJet to pump out a cool 60 degrees of air at 10% strength the entire night, or you could have it come on for only 10 minutes every hour just to ensure you aren’t leaving a heavy sweat print in your mattress.

The maximum amount of time you can set the BedJet timer for is 12 hours so keep that in mind if you normally sleep longer than that.

The app looks just like this on your phone..

You can see that the home screen shows you..

  • Off Timer (Allows for a timer for 20 minutes all the way up to 2 hours)
  • Alarm (Not an audible alarm, but rather a way for the BedJet to wake you up through heat)
  • Air Temperature (The current temperature)
  • Air Flow (The strength of the fan)
  • What The Heat Or Cool Is Set To

At the bottom of the screen you also have the option to save 3 different memory settings.

This is great if you like a consistently flow throughout the night and don’t need to adjust different sleep cycles, or if you want to just take a nap for a few hours.

You also have a couple of other screens to make this as custom as possible.

We already covered the biorhythm sequence that you can adjust on your own, but you can also go to the thermometer screen that shows you what the BedJet is currently set to with some pre-built settings around air flow and temperature.

Is The BedJet Loud?

Suprisingly, no.

The BedJet has an acoustic damping technology built into the unit so it’s a consistent soothing noise that you’ll barely notice when it’s running for you throughout the night.

This doesn’t account for the highest cooling strength, and the Turbo Mode that comes included on the warming side though.

When you have it on either one of these settings the fan is louder than if it’s running on the lowest setting, but turbo mode is limited to 10 minutes anyways, and the average sleeper won’t have it on full blast throughout the night.

Turbo Mode

One of the more impressive features is how quickly the BedJet can heat up a cold bed in the winter time.

And in turbo mode? The BedJet can take your bed from 80 degrees, to 110 degrees in just 3 minutes.

30 degrees in 3 minutes is like tossing your bed sheets and comforter in the dryer for 10 minutes on high, and then putting them back on.

Summary of BedJet Features / Functionality

  • Keeps You Consistently Cool (Consistently)

The whole idea behind the BedJet is to keep you at the temperature you’d like to be at.

Some people get sweaty at night so having the consistent airflow not only keeps your body cool, but allows you to sleep better.

  • Also Keeps You Warm (If Needed)

Not everyone is looking to sleep cool.  For those that live in cooler climates you can also use the BedJet as a personal bed heater.

  • Turbo Mode For A Warm Bed To Climb In To

Turbo mode is great if you just dried off from a shower and you don’t want to get cold.  It will make your bed feel like you just dried your sheets.

  • Biorythm Technology For Sleep Stages

You can customize all your sleep stages through the night.  Like we mentioned above you can adjust the number of stages, the amount of time in each stage, the temperature in the stage, and the fan strength in each as well.

  • Great Mobile App

Available on the App & Google Play Store.  The majority of the custom settings are only accomplished through the app so hopefully you have a smartphone on hand.

Lost the remote?  Or just don’t want to use it?  The app is super useful, and is where all of the biorhythmic settings, and other adjustments can be made.

  • Easy Setup

The BedJet can easily be setup in a minute or two.  No special equipment is needed.

AirComforter Sheet

The Aircomforter sheet is a completely optional add on to the BedJet.

BedJet AirComforter Cooling & Heat Sheet, Dual Zone QUEEN , BedJet NOT...

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
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Check It Out

The Aircomforter sheet is good for…

  • Couples who have different preferences on temperature of the bed.
  • People who want the air from the BedJet to be more evenly distributed across the entire bed, rather than just around your feet

It’s just like a normal sheet, but is sewn with chambers (one chamber for the single size, and 2 for the double).

Quick Note

If you get the dual zone aircomforter sheet then you must purchase 2 different BedJets.

Here is how the BedJet connects to the aircomforter sheet.

You can see that the aircomforter sheet wraps around the Bedjet hose nicely so that it stays in place, and takes in all of the air it’s pushing out – rather than throwing the sheet and comforter over the top of the nozzle.

Do you need it though?

No, not at all.

It’s completely optional.

Additionally, I think if you’re the only one sleeping in your bed you more than likely don’t need a single zone aircomforter sheet.

It does distribute air more evenly under the sheets, but I can see this being a must if you and your partner are obvious opposites on finding a comfortable temperature.

Without the aircomforter sheet the BedJet still distributes air just fine.

Other BedJet Details

  • The BedJet isn’t intended for use if your room temperature is above 79 degrees.

This isn’t a complete replacement for your AC at night, but rather a huge supplement.

If you normally sleep with the AC on 70 degrees at night, you can easily put your AC on 75+ now and keep your bed cool with the product.

  • Works with any mattress on the market.

Keep in mind if you have a mattress that is taller than the bracket itself it’s not difficult to run more of the BedJet hose through the bracket so it sit’s up higher.  As long as the nozzle is in a position to blow air underneath the sheets you are all set.

  • The electrical usage shouldn’t worry you.

You won’t notice a huge difference in your utility bill.  Additionally, if you aren’t using your AC as much at night because of the BedJet then your utility bill may actually go down.

  • The customer service for BedJet is bar none.

Any complaints I’ve read from other buyers were quickly addressed, and for any problems with the product the president and founder, Mark Aramli personally assists with getting you a new one, or taking matters into his own hands.  He is very responsive and you can be sure if you invest in a BedJet that if something happens you don’t have to sweat it.

  • BedJet offers a 60 day trial for their product.

Don’t worry about restocking fees or shipping. Decide it’s not for you?  Contact BedJet and they’ll be happy to help you out.

  • Aromatherapy kit also included with the V2 model.

Not only can this help you sleep better, but it can also keep your sheets smelling fresh.

It’s essentially a piece of foam that you can dip into your favorite essential oils and clamp to the inside of the nozzle.

BedJet Review Summary

Overall, this is a high-quality product that solves a common problem.  Not getting enough sleep because you’re either too hot or too cold beneath the sheets.

Not only is the product great, but the added benefit you get from the customization of the app makes the experience even better.

The Aircomforter sheet is an optional add on that you can purchase if you and your partner can’t agree on a common temperature throughout the night.

Who Should Buy The BedJet?

  • Couples who can’t agree on what temperature they like the bed. If this is you, and your partner likes it hot and you like it cold (or vice versa) the Dual BedJet is a great solution for you.
  • If you sleep abnormally hot or cold throughout the night, or you live in an extreme climate and your utility bill is high – you can cut it down some.
  • Need a device or a machine that gives off white noise to keep you asleep. The BedJet is not loud by any means but you can hear that something is on in your room when it’s running.