The 3 Best Bed Bug Sprays

The Best Bed Bug Sprays

Dealing with a bed bug infestation can be difficult.

One of the reasons so is because some bed bugs have developed a resistance to some common pesticides.

One of the most effective ways you can deal with bed bugs is combining different methods of exterminating them.

We cover all the details below in our bug spray buyer’s guide.

Quick Note

All 3 of these bed bug sprays are all natural, and contain no pesticides.

EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray

ecoraider bed bug spray

EcoRaider is one of the best bed bug sprays on Amazon.  One of the cool things about this product that sets itself apart from the others you can buy (and why it’s our top pick) is it’s ability to work and kill bed bugs even after it has dried.

Bed bugs that come in contact with the residue die quickly.

Most bed bug sprays on the market are only effective on contact and once dry are basically useless.  EcoRaider is different.


It works by blocking the Octopamine receptor that only exists in invertebrates.

Because humans and pets both have vertebrae this is completely safe to use around the house without worrying about affecting anyone.

EcoRaider bed bug spray is formulated with ingredients that come from the chrysanthemum flower so they are 100% natural, and have been proven to work better than most bed bug sprays that use other pesticides and also work on bed bugs that have grown immune or built a tolerance to them.

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Killer Green Bed Bug Spray


killer green bed bug spray

Killer Green bed bug spray is also a fantastic natural option if you have an infestation.

This is the same type formula that a professional exterminator will use if they come out and spray your bed and surrounding areas.

One of the cool things about Killer Green is just like EcoRaider it has the ability to kill bed bugs after it has dried.  If you spray this and bed bugs come into contact with it even 20 days after it still has a strong effect and they will die off within 15 hours.

Bed Bug Spray By Killer Green - Best Non-Toxic All Natural Killer...

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EcoDefense Bed Bug Spray


eco defense bed bug spray

Our 3rd spray in this list is EcoDefense and works extremely well.

Based on the other reviews you can find here, you can see it’s an excellent spray, but couldn’t take a higher spot over EcoRaider, and Killer Green.

It’s an excellent spray, but also is less effective than the other 2 when it dries based on the formula used in the product.  Still has great reviews on Amazon and we felt it was a good enough product to put in our list!

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Natural Organic Formula Fastest, 16 oz.

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Just ‘Biting’ The Surface

Overall, all 3 of these are excellent bed bug sprays, but that’s just ‘biting’ the surface.  Bed bugs aren’t just beat with spray alone.

You need to take preventative measures and maintain overtime (especially if you have a current infestation to make sure that they don’t come back.

If you leave some important pieces out you could be spending big bucks on getting rid of these pests.

Make sure you read through our buyer’s guide to take the correct steps towards getting rid of bed bugs.

Combining extermination techniques is always the best solution.

The Ultimate Guide To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

One bed bug spray won’t apply to every sleeper out there.  Since every infestation is different than the next one you need to make sure that you’re getting a bed bug spray that will do the most damage or the most extermination the first time around.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs have been around for centuries.  The bug itself looks to suck it’s hosts blood, whether that host be a human or a pet.  The most common place that bed bugs live is (go figure) in your bed – hence the name.

Bed bugs travel everywhere you do.  So, airports, train stations, subways, and big events like concerts are excellent places for them to jump off 1 host onto another.  Hotels are more common than the next because that is where the bed bug’s host (you) is laying still for a longer period so it can feed off you.

Can you see them with the naked eye?

Thankfully, yes you can see them with the naked eye.  If you couldn’t see them it would be difficult to detect if you have an infestation, and where to kill specific ones that may have reappeared after an unsuccessful extermination by a professional.

Most bed bugs won’t get longer than .2 inches, but it’s not their size that is most important here it’s the means of exterminating them as a whole and being able to identify just where they are coming from or hiding out.

how big do bed bugs get?

The Best Way To Eliminate Bed Bugs

Obviously using a bed bug spray is an excellent solution, but is it the best?

Here are your options for getting rid of your bed bug infestation:

  • Licensed Professional Exterminator

Hands down the most effective way to get rid of your bed bug infestation, and prevent future ones if hiring an exterminator to come out and handle your bed, and all other areas of your house.  Bed bugs don’t only stay on your bed, but they live within crevices of the floor, your couch, behind electrical plates, in closets on clothes, and any other spot where they can be in close contact with the host (you and your pets).

That’s perfectly okay if you want to try and get rid of them without having to pay for someone to come out, but if you do you need to know what you’re doing to 100% get rid of them.  Bed bugs lay eggs and will come back if you leave even just 1 behind, or miss it.

  • Making Your Own Insecticide

You can find DIY anything online.  One common thing people will do is attempt a DIY treatment for the bed bugs which most of the time will be completely ineffective for 2 main reasons..

  • Because of the active ingredients that are used in the DIY solution.
  • The application itself of the bed bug solution or remedy isn’t 100% effective (you don’t exactly know what you’re doing / what to look for)

However, if you are looking to make your own insecticide because you’re going for the ‘natural’ spray and you don’t want to be harmful to the environment, or your pets or kids then we got your covered.

Some of the bed bug sprays listed above are 100% a natural and don’t use chemicals like this one.

  • Using A Bed Bug Spray (Not Homemade)

Sprays are another effective way to get rid of bed bugs.

One of the advantages here over making a homemade bed bug spray are the lab tested chemicals in a commercial spray.

Keep in mind that not all bed bug sprays work 100% well and you must take preventative measures to keep them from coming back and do extermination right the first time.

One of the concerns that people have with bed bug sprays is their inability to work after they have dried.  This tends to hold true which is the reason people look for natural and non- chemical sprays.

The thought process revolves more around “well if the bed bug spray isn’t effective when it’s dry and works on contact then why would I get a spray that has potentially harmful chemicals in it?”.

If that’s you that’s perfectly okay.

Quick Note

Although most sprays won’t work while they are dry..our top pick EcoRaider works for 2 weeks after you spray.

All in all, bed bug spray is not only a good extermination technique/ preventative measure / remedy, but it can also be good to take with you while you travel.  Just because you don’t have bed bugs before you leave for vacation doesn’t mean that you won’t have them when you come back.

They could have easily jumped on your luggage or clothes, or any means of being close to you and start to lay eggs as soon as you get home.

  • Using A Bed Bug Powder

Using a bed bug powder is also an effective way to get rid of bed bugs.  One of the most common powders you will see for not only bed bugs, but other pests as well is Diatomaceous Earth, also known as DE.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lb

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DE is made from tiny fossilized remains of aquatic organisms (like fossilized plankton).

The crazy part about DE is people use it for all sorts of internal remedies like a colon cleanse or a detox.  You can spread this anywhere you think there is a bed bug infestation.

Diatomaceous Earth is a desiccant meaning it induces dryness.  For human consumption it’s not an issue because we are much larger then bed bugs, but when bed bugs consume this powder, or it gets on them it dries out their outer shell and dehydrates them where they eventually die.

  • Cleaning All Linens

This is step 1 when you have bed bugs, or even if you just think you have them.  Washing your fitted sheet, your top sheet, comforter, pillow covers, blankets, and other items you have close to your bed is important in getting rid of bed bugs.  Washing them is great, but is only recommended if you have a more serious infestation.

Bed bug eggs can ‘stick’ to sheets quite well and the washer can be a wonderful place to make sure they come off.

If you don’t have a serious infestation of bed bugs you can simply throw all your sheets and covers into the dryer.  Heat is a great killer, and once the cycle is done they will be dead.

  • Using A Mattress Protector

High quality mattress protectors advertise that they will keep bed bugs and dust mites out.  This is completely dependent on how severe the infestation is, and honestly there is no end all be all for getting rid of bed bugs.

Here is one of the best mattress protectors on Amazon with over 25,000+ positive reviews that claims their encasement is great for keeping bed bugs ‘out’.

SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement - Lab Tested Bed Bug Proof, Dust...

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$49.95 $99.95

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We’re not sure how it can keep them ‘out’, but we do see where it could keep the bed bugs from getting underneath the sheet and onto the mattress where they can multiply undetected.

I would look at a bed bug mattress protector to detect them much easier.  Due to the fact that these mattress protectors are an impenetrable barrier they will crawl on the surface, and / or die on the surface so you can see them more easily.

A bed bug mattress cover combined with Diatomaceous Earth on the 4 edges of your bed could be an awesome solution for your infestation.  When the bed bugs are coming towards you they have less of chance of actually reaching you.

  • Vacuuming

Vacuuming bed bugs is a great solution for the visible areas, but also keep in mind once you empty out the vacuum filter you should do it in a trash bag and double bag it and take it straight to the dumpster.

Make sure you do a good job of cleaning out the filter because you may have left behind eggs or bed bugs that are still alive and ready to feast.

  • By Hand

For the 1 or 2 bed bugs that you can see you can crush them with a paper towel or rag.  Try not to get the bed bug guts on your mattress and simply pick them up and crush them within the paper towel you’re holding.  This is easy to do, but keep in mind that others are lurking where you can’t see them so won’t rid of the problem completely.

  • Not Getting Rid Of Infested Items*

This is a hard one.  Not getting rid of your infested bed can be difficult, but every situation is different.

Beds that have any sort of holes in them (big or small) provide more protection for the bed bugs to multiply and stay away from the means of getting rid of them.

So consider that.  If you have a perfectly good mattress that you just purchased and you for some reason have bed bugs that’s unfortunate, but your mattress isn’t ruined.  First, make sure you clean all of your sheets and inspect the mattress and box spring both.  They can easily hide in areas you don’t normally see.

You will also want to make sure you don’t have a ton of things stored underneath your bed.  That’s a great spot for bed bugs to hangout.  Once they bite you they find an undisturbed area to live off the blood they just sucked and lay eggs to multiply.  So watch the cluttered areas.

Then consider getting a mattress cover like the one we linked to above that keeps the bed bugs on the surface, and doesn’t allow them to get underneath your sheets and to you.

For extra measures we also recommend looking at bed bug traps like these:

Climbup Insect Interceptor XL Bed Bug Trap, 4ct

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These traps are great for not only monitoring a potential bed bug infestation, but also killing them.  No pesticides are used.  Bugs can’t climb out because the product is too slick and they die from starvation.

So keep these things in mind if you’re thinking about tossing out a perfectly good mattress.

Bed Bug Recap

  • Don’t Panic

First you need to assess the situation.  Is the infestation out of hand, or is it just your home / apartment?  Clean up your house if it’s messy and along the way you may find where they are hiding at, but most of all don’t panic.

You can defeat bed bugs but you must take the right steps and STAY ON THEM.

The right steps combined with the right products are how you defeat them.

  • Look in other areas too

Bed bugs don’t just stay around your bed.  They may be close to your dog, they may be in your couch.  Anywhere they can stay in close contact to a host (you or your pet) is where you will find them.  You certainly won’t find them in open spaces like the middle of the floor because they like to retreat after they have sucked on a host so check all of the nooks and crannies.

  • Determine next steps

After you have assessed the situation (assuming the infestation isn’t terrible) get GOOD products to kill on contact, and continue preventing them after using.  All 3 of the bed bug sprays we listed above are perfect for that.

Most bed bug sprays will be useless after they dry, but our top 3 will continue to work after you have sprayed to keep them away.  We purposely left out the ones that ONLY kill on contact.

  • Take preventative measures & maintain

After you have beaten or at least got the infestation under control continue to use products and check frequently in all areas of your house.  The more you stay on top of them the better off you will be and less of a chance the bed bugs will have at returning.

The best way to beat an infestation and keep them from coming back is combining methods of infestation because some bed bugs are more resistant to these measures than others.