MyPillow Review – The Most Comfortable Pillow – Guaranteed?

MyPillow Review

This pillow isn’t for everyone.

Just like my opinion of what is comfortable may not be the same as yours.

Overall, we found this pillow to be a good quality product that we would recommend, but we also encourage you to read the entire review to see if it’s the right pillow for you.

MyPillow Features

Looking at some of the other pillow options on the market you can see where MyPillow gets it’s slice of the market.

MyPillow claims that there are 2 main reasons why their product works so well for so many people.

  • *It does NOT go flat
  • It keeps your neck aligned

Obviously keeping your neck aligned also depends on whether or not your pillow goes flat, but is the technology here anything groundbreaking to the mattress and pillow industry?

In our honest opinion..

Yes and no.

We knew you’d love that answer.

But… to break that down a little bit further.. we bet you didn’t hear about a pillow that doesn’t go flat until the MyPillow came around.

So their first to market with a great value pitch, but there pillow really isn’t anything special.

Does that mean it’s a bad product?

Not at all.

It has great reviews, but read below on if it’s for you or not.

  • Length: 32” (2 feet 8 inches)
  • Width: 16.5” (1 foot 4.5 inches)
  • Length: 26” (2 feet 2 inches)
  • Width: 16.5” (1 foot 4.5 inches)

MyPillow Construction

Outer cover is 100% cotton, while the inside of the MyPillow is 100% polyfoam.

The catch behind why this pillow never goes flat?

It’s shredded.

If the MyPillow was one piece of polyfoam on the inside then it would go flat overtime.

MyPillow Sizes

MyPillow comes in 2 different sizes.  One is a king size, and one is a queen.

The only difference here is the King size is 6 inches longer than the Queen:


  • 26″ L
  • 16.5″ W


  • 32″ L
  • 16.5″ W

It also comes in 4 different loft sizes depending on your size and weight to make sure that you’re choosing one that works for you.

Here is a quick guide you can use.

Simply look at the t shirt sizes on the left hand side, and order the corresponding loft color.

Also keep in mind…if you are use to a down pillow then order one loft up.

Example:  If you wear an XL shirt the guide tells you to order green, but you should order white.  That’s only if you are used to a down pillow.

mypillow loft sizes

Not everyone likes the same kind of firmness / softness from a pillow.

Even if said pillow is supposed to keep your neck aligned it can only keep it aligned to a certain extent.

There are factors in play here like…

  • Any Neck Ailments?
  • What’s Your Body Weight?
  • What Position You Prefer To Sleep In? (more on that below)

Here is a description of each..

Please note that this is what Mike Lindell (the founder) recommends, but if you know you can only sleep on a flat pillow and the recommendation above is the firmest pillow – then go with your preference because you know yourself better than a chart does.

The above chart is a sweeping generalization for most body types.

My Pillow Classic Series Medium Firmness Bed Pillow, Standard/Queen Size

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Yellow (Least Firm)

The Yellow loft is for children that are 10 years and younger, and women who prefer to sleep on their stomachs most of the time.

This can also be for women who are very petite.  5 foot 1 and below, or women with narrow shoulders.

White (Regular Fill)

The White loft will be for almost all women who are not petite.

The white level has slightly more fill than the yellow, and can also be an excellent choice for shorter / smaller men.  5’ 8” and under.  Anyone with an average shoulder width and a short neck should choose this one.

Green (More Fill)

The Green loft is for most men, and for women who have wider shoulders than most.

It’s got enough fill in it to keep your neck aligned if you’re a slide sleeper with wide shoulders so your neck doesn’t droop down to the side.

Blue (Firm)

The Blue loft is for larger people.  If you are over 6 foot 1, and you consider yourself to have very broad shoulders then this will be a good option for you.

It has the most fill to make sure your neck stays aligned in all of the positions you may sleep in.

How Soft Is The MyPillow?

When you first hold the MyPillow you may think “why is it so lumpy??”

That’s what we thought at least.

Probably the first time you’ve ever held a pillow that had shredded bits on the inside rather than being down feathers, or a solid piece of memory foam.

We know – it’s sort of odd.

But overall, it’s pretty comfortable.  Nothing special here.

It isn’t the softest pillow in the world, but is that a big deal?

Not necessarily.

What are some aspects of a good pillow?

Let’s look at a few and where the MyPillow stacks up.

  • Soft To The Touch

Some pillows are soft to the touch.  That feeling can give YOU the feeling that it is a high quality pillow, but this could be the material used.  This is completely superficial, and in the case (pun) of the MyPillow – the cover is 100% cotton.  Nothing ground breaking here.

  • Keeps You Cool

Keeping your head & neck from getting sweaty is an important piece to getting a great nights sleep as well.  We talked about this in our previous posts here.

The MyPillow keeps your head cool because of the shredded polyfoam.

Not extremely, but moderately.

  • Keeps Your Neck Aligned

This is the most important part of any pillow to ensure you get a great night’s sleep, and the MyPillow does this well like we talked about above.   Make sure you refer to the chart to pick out the one that suits you.

  • Doesn’t Go Flat

The MyPillow does not go flat overtime because of the shredded poly foam fill.  That’s a plus.

MyPillow Review Summary

If your current pillow is causing you to wake up with cricks in your neck, sure – The MyPillow could be a worthwhile investment for you, but honestly, it’s not anything special.

When you first feel it the materials used feel cheap, and it’s not an inviting pillow to lay your head down on.

That being said – neck alignment IS important for a great night’s sleep and the MyPillow does this well.

We do recommend MyPillow even though we feel there could be some improvements made to the cover and overall quality of the product.

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